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Captivation Hub
New Product Set Up Package

From having a new product to making sales in no time! All the steps are done for you.

Not techy? No problem!

My goal is to allow you to get your product up and running quickly so you can do what you do best - promote!

Copying Down

Behind The Scenes

ᐅ Creating Pipelines & Stages so your Opportunities Dashboard is always up to date

ᐅ Customizing your Course Welcome Email that has your purchasers login info

ᐅ Creating email templates (you must provide email content)

ᐅ Creating an automation workflow

ᐅ Creating a membership/course area

ᐅ Creating a membership offer

ᐅ Testing your funnel

Sales Funnel

ᐅ Creating an Opt-In Form

ᐅ Creating the Opt-In Page

ᐅ Creating the Sales Page

ᐅ Creating Order Form Page (you must have your payment gateway already linked)

ᐅ Creating Thank You Page

At Work
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Let's Do This

  • Captivation Hub Product Set Up Package

    From New Product to Making Sales all in one package!
    Valid for 2 weeks

You must purchase each package separately.

CH Set Up
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