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Customer Management

This is more than just welcome emails. It's time to give your customers some intuitive support!

Are you ready to take your Customer Service to the next level?

No more people being forgotten.

Give your customers amazing support by always being on top of things!  Introduce yourself to leads & newly inherited customers, give value with weekly or monthly newsletters, check in with those trying out BOD during their free trial.  Make sure that each and every customer is followed up with and aware of any discount or deal they might could receive, ensuring a long-time satisfied customer.  Using the email templates and follow up systems I've created, I can help you give your customers the support they've been looking for.

My goal is to allow you to BE YOU and I'll handle the rest!


Normal Tasks

New Lead Welcome (2 emails)

New Inherited Customer Welcome

Update Email Service with TBB Contacts

Monthly / Weekly Newsletters

Pretty Cool

Free BOD Trial Check-In (2 emails)

12 Month BOD Renewal Reminder (w/current deals)

Share-A-Cart Reminder

VIP Group Reminder / Invite

VIP Group Weekly Check-In

Writing on Computer
Work Desk

Above & Beyond

3/6 Month BOD Renewal Reminder (w/current deals & upgrade options)

BOD Just Renewed (chance for upgrade)

Brand New Purchase email series (2 emails)

Total Solution Pack email series (4 emails)

New Shakeology Purchase (3 emails)

New Program Purchase (2 emails)

Free BOD Workouts email series (3 emails)

Let's Do This

  • Customer Management

    Every month

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The BODi Virtual Assistant

CRM Ready
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