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Deluxe Website System

Sit back and just be yourself, because with this full funnel automation system I will handle all the little (and big) details.  This package includes the 'Essentials' Website Creation and Site Updates.

All you have to do is send people to your site when they are interested. When they sign up for more information or to gain access to a Sample Workout, I will swoop in with timely crafted follow ups and call to action steps. 

No more stress of people falling through the cracks and not being followed up with.

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This is the one-stop-shop for turning your prospects into full fledged Beachbody loving fans. Not only will you have a website that is crafted with your business goals in mind, but your prospects will get the info they want and won't be left out to dry.

Always have a place to send people so it's simple, quick, and no confusion. This is a great way to capture prospects and follow up accordingly!

My goal is to take the stress out of your success and simplify your business!

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Lead Collection & Auto Emails

VIP List (New Program or Product)

  • Weekly emails with info about new product and availability date

Sample Workout Access

  • Follow-Up emails with call to action steps

Pre-Order Now

  • New Product Form with all the best deals on how to order

  • Share-A-Cart will be created & sent based on their choices

Follow Ups

Prospect Has Purchased

  • Welcome Email with more product information and how you can help

  • If a Total Solution Pack was purchased, email series will be sent for 3 weeks

  • Check-In emails with helpful tips about their product

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Client Tracking & Emails

Prospect Tracking

  • Once the Pre-Order form has been filled out, you will be notified and I will add them to our tracking system for follow ups.

New Order Tracking

  • When a customer purchases a product for the first time, or a Total Solution Pack, emails will be sent to educate them on their new purchase to help convey the value and quality behind the product.

HD Order Tracking

  • All HD Customers will be tracked and followed up with often to help them along their journey.

BOD / BODi Member Tracking

  • All BOD / BODi Members will be tracked and followed up with often to share the value of their membership.

Preferred Customer Tracking

  • Newsletters will go out to PCs to give them 'Insider Info' on the latest with Team Beachbody.

Let's Do This

Be a PRO with your Deluxe Website System 

  • Deluxe Website

    Every month
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REMINDER: This Package includes the 'Essentials' Website Create and Site Updates

Ready To Rock
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