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Deluxe Website

Monthly Package Price: $700

Includes Monthly Updates


Deluxe Website


  • Send interested prospect to specific blog post

  • Continue to msg directly with prospect

  • When you are prompted (via email) that a new Order Form is filled out, that is when the Automation will start.



  • Create Site - customize w/your info (one-time fee)

    • Includes all current blog posts with most recent programs & products

    • Button for ‘Get on the VIP List’ for new program will take them to a custom landing page.

    • To access the Sample Workout they will be directed to a Landing Page (name/email) so you can follow up with them later.

  • Weekly  / Monthly Updates

    • New programs / products

    • Current or upcoming challenge group info

    • Coach Sneak Peek info




    • Once they get on VIP List, an auto email will be sent to them with more info and other offers you may have (challenge group, VIP Test Group, Preferred Customer or Coach discount, etc)


    • Once they fill out the Sample Workout Landing Page, they will be taken directly to the workout video/page. No immediate auto email goes out, so they can take their time to do the sample workout.

    • Three days after they access the sample workout, an auto email will go out asking if they’ve had a chance to do the workout.  Give them the link again, in case they haven’t done it yet.  Link for them to fill out form for workout feedback and what the next steps are for them to get started.


    • For those on the VIP List & Sample Workout List, an email will go out letting them know of the different offers available.  A link will be included for a pre-order form.  This is a google form allowing them to fill out all info you would need to create a custom Share-A-Cart for them.

    • Once product is availbale (if not already), an email will be manually sent to them with the Share-A-Cart link.

    • Follow up emails will be sent 3 days, then 5 days, then 7 days later (a total of 15 days after Share-A-Cart link was sent) if the client has not purchased.


    • Send Product Specific welcome email with more details on product, sizzle video and/or graphics, and an invite to your BODgroup

    • If an Total Solution Pack was purchased, a follow up email will be sent three weeks after purchase to remind them of:

      • Shake or BB Performance 2nd shipment (they can change flavors, frequency, get preferred customer or coach discount, or cancel order)

      • BODi monthly membership (give other pricing options or cancel order)

      • Sign up as a Preferred Customer or Coach for discounts / commissions

    • Weekly Check In emails during their first 4 weeks with their new product



  • Once an Order Form has been filled out, the client will be added to Streak for tracking and follow ups

  • Once prospect has purchased, use Streak Snippets for the following emails

    • Product Specific Welcome Email

    • Total Solution Pack Follow Up / Reminder

    • Weekly Check In Email

Check out the site by clicking the pic below

WEBSITE Demo Pic.png
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