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Website Updates

Always have the latest information to share with your clients.


As soon as new products, programs or new information is available, your site will be up to date!

No more scrambling to get the latest information on your site.

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All of the latest information will updated on your site as soon as it's announced.  New program you want to share? No problem - a brand new page will be created so you can send your clients more information, gather emails with lead collection and follow up accordingly.

Always have a place to send people so it's simple, quick, and no confusion.

My goal is to take the stress out of your success and simplify your business!

Website creation

New Page Creation

New Program

  • Program Description & Photos

  • 'Coming Soon' Program Video

  • Lead Collection for follow ups & Sample Workout access

  • Streaming Access Dates (VIP Early Access & BOD Library Launch)

New Product / Supplement

  • Product Description & Photos

  • Availability Dates

  • Lead Collection for follow ups

Important Updates

Program Sample Workout

  • 'Try for free' Lead Collection

Launch Dates

  • Coach/PC VIP Early Access

  • Customer VIP Early Access

  • BOD Library Launch

New Product Available for Purchase

  • 'Purchase Now' button

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Custom Updates

Monthly Challenge Group

  • Themed for the month

  • Bonuses for signing up

  • Monthly promotions & deals

  • Preferred Customer discounts

Coaching Opportunity

  • Team Events

  • Sign Up deadlines

Let's Do This

Keep Your Site Up To Date

  • Monthly Site Updates

    Every month
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The BODi Virtual Assistant

Ready To Rock
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