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Let go of the mundane.

Don't just act like a pro - be one, with help from your Professional Virtual Assistant.

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I'm Carrie, An Expert at Making You Look Like a Pro.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved doing office work. (Yes, I see the crazy confused look on your face.)  With an Accounting background, a love for all things spreadsheets, and an enthusiast for wellness & fitness, becoming a Virtual Assistant was the perfect fit for me.

I have been in the Team Beachbody world since 2012 and started as a full time Virtual Assistant in 2016.

I have systems that will make your Coaching business be more organized, streamlined, and run more efficiently.



Carrie is a DREAM COME TRUE! She has helped with total complete organization for customer relationship management, takes care of the important and necessary busy work that typically fell through the cracks for me, she knows the business SO WELL that when I am brainstorming a new concept she can help to finalize the details knowing my end goal for that project.


Since hiring Carrie I have had my highest paying months as a coach, my anxiety and stress level is non existent, and for once I actually feel like I can BE a successful Beachbody Coach.


Carrie has seriously reorganized my whole business and I'm IN LOVE with it! From the very beginning I was very assured that she had everything I was looking for in an assistant. Since day one she still amazes me daily. She is not just an assistant, she's a friend, and a business partner.


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