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4 Weeks for Everybody Super Block

Low-impact workouts, improved gut health. This is round 2 of Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese’s proven formula - 4 days of workouts per week, for 4 weeks, with workouts and moves that are easy on the joints, and heavy on results. Fire up your muscles so your body can do the work it needs to support your gut health.

Get your cardio in, and target your muscles using eccentric (lengthening) exercises, to leverage the benefits of time under tension and help maximize results. The focus is exertion, the benefit is balance.


Key Dates

August 1, 2023

  • 4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block Presale

  • 4 Week Gut Protocol Cookbook Available for Purchase

September 4, 2023

  • 4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block Starts


Program Info

  • Program Length

    • About 30 minutes a day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks (16 workouts)

  • Equipment Needed

    • Dumbbells and Core Ball

  • Workout Details

    • Pull (Back & Bi's)

    • Legs

    • Push (Chest, Shoulders, Tri's)

    • Cardio (No-Impact Cardio Core)

    • Bonus Workouts

      • 4 Cycle Rides

  • BODi Block Accountability Group

    • BODi hosts an on-going Facebook group for both BODi Block and Super Block participants. Autumn Calabrese will take over as the "Guest Star" for the month of September. This group is open for all Partners and BODi Members. Click HERE to join!

  • Run Your Own Group

    • Super Block Group Guide - Coming Soon

    • Group Guide posts, images and videos coming soon


Behind The Block Training: 4 Weeks for Every Body

Get all the details from Autumn & Carl!

Coming Soon!

4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block Trailer

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4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block Sample Workout

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4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block FAQ 4692

Key dates, workout info, and more

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​Super Block Blog Article

4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block info added August 1, 2023

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​Key Art & Logos

Jericho in action!

Key Art Click Here

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Social Media Assets

Graphics to convey the power of the program

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Offer Images

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How to access the 4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block

  • Purchase the BODi Essentials Collection, any Total-Solution or Completion Pack on or after August 1, 2023

  • Sign up for a new qualifying nutrition subscription on or after August 1, 2023. BODi Membership required.

    • Qualifying Nutrition Subscriptions:

      • Shake & Hustle

      • Shakeology

      • Performance Stack

      • Go & Glow Stack (Ready, Set, Glow Stack in GB & EU)

      • First Thing (US & CA)

      • First Thing + Last Thing (US & CA)

      • 4 Week Gut Protocol Optimize & Revitalize Bundle (US)

      • 3 boxes of Beachbars

      • 3-Day Refresh Shakeology Nutrition-Solution Pack (US & CA)

      • Ultimate Reset Shakeology Nutrition-Solution Pack (US), Deluxe or Ultimate Kits (Complete, Dual & Refill) (US Only)

    • Purchase or renew any other combination of nutrition subscriptions totaling at least $109 US in one month, to receive the following month's Super Block for FREE.

    • Each month subscribers stay on their qualifying nutrition subscription, they will earn the following month's Super Block for FREE (limit one total per account).

  • Purchase the 4 Weeks for Every Body Super Block separately for $29 US. BODi Membership is required.


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