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BODi Partners New App & Website

As of September 15th, 2023, BODi Partners were informed that the BODi Basics Page will be moving off of Facebook and into the all-inclusive BODi Partners App & Website!

This is the same app/site where they began hosting The 28-Day Action Plan for new and re-starting Partners. The app/site is free to join and you will login with your BODi Partner login.

Download the BODi Partners app:

Or visit the website!


Available Now

on the BODi Partners App & Website:

​BODi Basics Training Community

Starting today, the BODi Basics Training Facebook Community and the essential resources and support it provides has opened in the app! Note: Given the large size of the group, the Facebook community will remain open to allow time to transition for the next 30 days. English only. Spanish and French groups are coming soon!

Join The Community

​Launch Checklist: BODi + Shakeology Monthly Pack

Starting today, you can use this simple checklist-style approach to learn about and help maximize the new BODi + Shakeology Monthly Pack launching on 9/21. Information and tools will also be available in The Office for those who prefer to access them there. English only. Spanish and French groups are coming soon!

Go to Launch Checklist

​Leadership Academy

Launched 9/11, this training is designed for and led by top BODi Partners to mentor invited attendees on developing and supporting a productive downline organization. English only. Spanish and French groups are coming soon!

See FAQ 5256 for more information about Leadership Academy.

​The 28-Day Action Plan

Launched in July, the 28-Day Action Plan breaks down basic Partner activities into manageable daily tasks, with templates and examples. The Plan is designed for new and re-starting Partners, and will remain open for anyone to access as needed. New Partners will receive an invitation in their welcome email.

Join the 28-Day Action Plan Group

The Roundtable Community

Starting 9/25, The Roundtable —our Partner leadership forum for collaboration, celebration, and sharing of best practices— will move to the BODi Partners app. All qualifying lifetime 5 Star Diamond Partners paid as 2 Star Diamond in the last 12 months will receive an invitation to join the new group.

Note: The current Facebook group will be archived at that time. English only


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