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BODi Wake Up Call Cliffs Notes

Don't have time to watch the BODi Wake-Up Call?

I've Got You!

Scan over these quick notes and grab any take-aways to allow your business to thrive!

08.22.23 - How Adaptability Helps Me Pivot Around Obstacles w/Danny Dettra

Being consistent in the every day, mundane unsexy habits is how you reach success. The secret sauce to success is being able to pivot when it feels like things are not working out. When the goal doesn't work out, tell yourself that success doesn't have a deadline. Get up and keep going. You are worth the effort that it is going to take to make your goals and your dream become a reality.

You are exactly where you are because that is where you are meant to be, because based off of the decision, the efforts, and the attitude you've had towards your business. If that stings - that's on you. You have to take extreme ownership in where you are in the business. Be able to gut check yourself.

Ask yourself, what brings you joy in this business? Let go of the things weighing you and your goals down. Find the joy again. Go all in - meaning 100% of your focus when you're working on your business. Go all in on yourself. You can't half-ass your business and expect to reach your goals. You can have results, or you can have reasons, but you can't have both.

Watch The Replay

08.14.23 - Seizing Opportunities w/Kiara Gonzalez & Monica Zerwas

08.07.23 - From August Cup to September Success w/Manon Campeau Dass

07.31.23 - Amplify Your Journey: Morning Meltdown SB w/Jericho

07.24.23 - Unleash Your Fullest Potential w/Petra Kolber

07.17.23 - August Team Cup Triumph w/Andreanne Morin

07.10.23 - Ignite Your Journey: Create Habits that Stick w/Lauren Bondy

07.03.23 - From Summit to Summit: Strategies for Taking Action & Keeping Energy Alive w/Niki Whiting

06.26.23 - Chop Wood Carry Water w/Amoila Cesar

06.19.23 - Grow your Partner Enrollments with Business Mentorships w/Rachel Vecchio

06.12.23 - How I make the most of my Summit investment w/Amy Mashburn

06.05.23 - Tips to Grow Your Business Selling Total-Solution Packs w/Marie-Pier de Launiere

05.29.23 - How Earning My First $500 Helped Me to Reach My Dreams w/Courtney Duinker

05.22.23 - How focusing on volume is transforming my business & team w/Kelsey Smith

05.15.23 - How to Build Community & Create Income w/2B Mindset & TSPs w/Siobhan Little & Ilana Muhlstein

05.08.23 - Achieving and sustaining early growth & success as a BODi Partner w/Jen Navarra

05.02.23 - Supercharge Your Fitness with Shaun T's Latest Creation!

04.24.23 - How my first Summit helped me focus on what matters w/Stephanie Noble

04.17.23 - Messy Moves Pay Off w/Micah Folsom

04.10.23 - The Power in the Follow-Up w/Darci Christner & Jess Dukes

04.03.23 - The Compound Effect: Set goals, Achieve big w/Moira Kucaba

03.27.23 - How Success Club is a byproduct of my daily habits w/Tania Baron

03.20.23 - How I leaned in to building my community w/Jess Schmenk

03.13.23 - How I invite prospects to the business of Health Esteem w/Hailey Peters

03.06.23 - Introducing For Beginners Only Super Block w/Lacee Green

02.27.23 - Interview with Petra Kolber from POV of an 8 Time Elite Coach w/Christine Dwyer

02.20.23 - The Secrets of Successful Coaches w/Kevin Shaw

02.13.23 - How I Work With Social Media To Engage My Community w/Natasha Pehrson

02.06.23 - The Difference Between My Start Date and My START Date w/Katy Fassett

01.30.23 - How My Initial Skepticism Taught Me About Building A Productive Coach Community w/Deidra Froebel

01.23.23 - We Are BODi: A Conversation with Kristina Delgado

01.16.23 - Leveling Up Our Leadership: Turning a Passion into a Business w/Keighly Appel, Carly Fiore & Erin Hopkins

01.09.23 - How I Set Up My Month To Consistently Hit Success Club w/Holly Hillyer

01.03.23 - 2023 Is Our Year w/Carl Daikeler


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