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What is BODi & Health Esteem

Introducing BODi

At BODi, we support your sustainable healthy habits with Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset tools that meet you where you are, encourage self-acceptance, and motivate a holistic approach to your overall wellbeing.

Health Esteem

Accepting and embracing the person you are today and championing who you wish to become.

BODi Platform Resources

  • Welcome to BODi Infographic - Click HERE

  • BODi Overview Videos: Get a detailed overview of all the amazing content on BODi

Health Esteem Intro

You Might Fail Intro

BODi Testimonials Video

BODi Platform Tour

The BODi Essentials Collection


BODi Account Management

How to Manage Subscriptions & Memberships

From the BODi site (Linked Here), click on your profile near the top corner of the site.

  • Memberships & Subscriptions

    • Scroll to the subscription you'd like to manage, click Manage Subscription

    • The following options are available:

      • Change Flavor or Serving

      • Cancel Next Shipment

      • Change Ship Date

      • Update Payment Method

      • View/Edit Shipping Info

      • Cancel Subscription

Save on Shipping Costs

Add to Shipment

  • Coaches and customers that have existing subscriptions will have the option to add select products to an upcoming subscription shipment and enjoy no additional shipping!

Unlock Free Shipping

  • They’ll also be able to consolidate their subscriptions and be charged the lowest applicable shipping and handling cost based on the subscriptions in their order. For example, if a Shakeology subscription ($3 s&h) and an Energize subscription ($5 s&h) ship on the same date, the total shipping & handling amount will be $3. This benefit is only available for the United States (including Puerto Rico) and Canada at this time.

BODgroup Info

BODgroups is BODi's exclusive, community-based platform that helps you stay motivated, accountable and connected to reach your goals. BODgroups connects you to all the tools you need to achieve results: You can stream your program videos, track your daily workouts and Shakeology intake, regularly update your weight and measurements, as well as stay engaged with your BODi Partner and group community - all in one place - the BODi app!

BODgroup Customer Tutorial



BODi Block Videos

All-BODi Block

If you’re looking for a workout fitness plan that checks all the boxes, you’ve found it. Join your favorite BODi trainers for an innovative mix of strength training, cardio, core work, and mobility drills that help you get in the best shape of your life faster than you expected (but we knew it all along).

For Beginners Only Block

Whether you're beginning your fitness journey or building upon your foundation - Super Trainer Lacee Green will lead you through the fundamentals of movement in just 3 weeks! With precision and patience, Lacee will guide you through every low-impact cardio, strength, core, and mobility workouts - while keeping it fun! Feel empowered with moves you can master, supported by a trainer who shows you ANYTHING is possible.

Iron Block

Traditional weightlifting paired with cutting-edge split training will help you optimize your muscle-building while dialing up your calorie burn. It’s your one-stop shop for more lean mass and definition, so get your bench and grab your weights—it’s go time.

Bike Block

Clip in for a fun, well-balanced mix of cycling and strength training that’s big on results. Each week you’ll encounter a variety of rides—from rolling hills and steep climbs to interval and endurance sessions—as well as targeted weightlifting that will make you stronger on and off the bike. If you enjoy cycling but also want overall tone and strength, this hybrid plan is for you.



Introduction Nutrition on BODi

We don’t believe in diets. We believe in eating healthy for the long term. We’re here to help you—come explore!

Eating Plan Quiz

Introduction to 2B Mindset

The way to eat a lot of food and still lose weight! Learn Ilana’s flexible approach to weight loss where you can reach your goals without counting calories or giving up wine, carbs or treats!

Introduction to Portion Fix

Easy to follow. Fast Results.. Autumn teaches you how to use portion control containers to help give you the results you expect, while you still enjoy the food, drinks and desserts you love!



Mindset Community Group (on Facebook)

Mindset Master Class - Monthly

Experts in positive psychology, personal development, and motivation lead us through a Mindset Master Class on a different theme, from the science of living a happier life to managing stress, grit and resilience to willpower and self-esteem. We like to call it "evidenced based inspiration".

3-5 videos per month, ranging in 5-10 minutes

QuickShift - Mondays

Focus on the positive as you kick off the week. Each Monday, we'll share a short video from our monthly guest with an exploration of the monthly topic and the motivation boost you need to set your week up for success.

Videos ranging in 2-5 minutes

ThinkSpace - Fridays

Reflect back on your wins of the week. Each Friday we'll share a short video from our monthly guest, answer some questions from our Mindset Community, and prepare your brain for the wonderful weekend ahead.

Videos ranging in 2-5 minutes


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