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Dig Deeper Program

Build the body you’ve always wanted, become mentally unstoppable, and discover what it’s like to be in control of your results with the first-ever weightlifting program from Super Trainer Shaun T.

DIG DEEPER is an intense, all-out weightlifting program for all levels, designed to give you a total-body recomposition. A body recomposition program reshapes your body by torching fat while building muscle to reveal a leaner, more muscular body. Over 12 weeks, Shaun takes you through three 4-week collections of workouts using a variety of proven lifting techniques that will leave you toned and sculpted. You will lift heavy, gradually bumping up your intensity, and target every muscle group to help you reach your peak physical and mental strength. Workouts are 6 days a week, 30-50 minutes a day, with just 1 day of low-impact cardio (no jumping or high impact required!). There’s also a No Excuses collection of under-25-minute workouts, for when you’re short on time.


Key Dates

November 20, 2023

  • Sample Workout

December 19, 2023

  • Program Launch


Program Info

  • Program Length

    • 12 weeks (or 3 Collections)

  • Equipment Needed

    • Light, Medium, and Heavy Dumbbells, Adjustable Bench

  • Workouts per Week

    • 5-6 workouts

  • Workout Length:

    • 30-50 minutes (except for Steady State Cardio which is 30 minutes, and Express Collection which are under 25)


Dig Deeper Promo Video

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​Dig Deeper Sample Workout

Coming November 20th!

Dig Deeper FAQ 10406

Key dates, workout info, and more

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​Key Art & Logos

Shaun T in action!

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Social Media Assets

Graphics to convey the power of the program

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