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For Beginners Only Super Block

SUPER Block Overview

Super Trainer lead BODi Blocks recreating your favorite BOD Programs! You must have full access (BOD+BODi subscription). Super Blocks will have 3 ways to unlock.

  1. Total Solution (or Completion) Pack

  2. Qualifying Nutrition Subscription

    1. Shake & Hustle, Shakeology, Performance Stack, Go & Glow, First Thing, First Thing & Last Thing

  3. Purchase a Super Block

For full details check the Super Blocks Overview Blog


For Beginners Only SUPER Block is Free with your BODi Membership

For Beginners Only is 3 weeks, 5 days a week, for 30 minutes per day with a 4th optional UP week. Lacee builds you up from your very first workout with expert cues and encouraging words to guide you safely and effectively through a range of exercises. As you progress into Week 2, she introduces more intensity—but still at your pace—with precise coaching in every move. You’ll build off these first weeks by taking all the movements you’ve learned and combining them in Week 3.

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Program Weekly Layout

  • Week 1:

    • Cardio Classic

    • Upper Body Foundations

    • Accelerator

    • Cardio & Core

    • Lower Body Foundations

  • Week 2:

    • Upper Body Foundations

    • Cardio & Core

    • Accelerator

    • Lower Body Foundations

    • Cardio Classic

  • Week 3:

    • Cardio & Core

    • Full Body Foundations

    • Accelerator

    • Cardio Classic

    • Full Body Foundations

  • Week 4:

    • Full Body Foundations

    • Accelerator

    • 21 Day Fix Sample Workout

  • Optional Cycling Workouts (can sub for Cardio Days):

    • Foundations Intervals

    • Foundations Hills

    • Foundations All Terrain


  • What equipment is needed for For Beginners Only?

    • You will need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells as well as resistance loops

  • Will Lacee be running a BODgroup for For Beginners Only?

    • Yes, there will be a separate Accountability Group for For Beginners Only.

    • Lacee will be taking over the group starting March and then starting in April, this group will turn into an on-going group for the "For Beginners Only" BODi Block so beginners feel supported at all times. (English Only)


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