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BODi Monthly Challenge Guides

Themed Monthly Content for your Groups!

Team Beachbody has stepped up their game and started giving us monthly themed content to use for Challenge Groups!

Each month you'll get fresh and relevant content that your challengers will love! AND they give Canva templates so you can make each graphic your own.

This content is not program-specific and can be used in any group, on any day, to add value and drive motivation and engagement within your group.


Click the drop-down arrows to expand each section.

REMINDER: These aren't program (or even month) specific. So you can pick and choose what theme you'd like to use for your group!


February: Gut Health

March: Renew & Rebuild

April: Spring Forward

May: Spring Into Action

June: Mind Over Matter

July: Stronger Together

August: Fresh Start

September: Mindset Reset

October: Gratitude & Growth

November: End of Year



January / February: New Year, New Beginnings

March: Nourish & Flourish

April: Spring Forward

May: Renew and Rebuild

June: Summer Shape-Up

July: Mind Over Matter

August: Stronger Together

September: Fresh Start

October: Mindset Reset

November: Gratitude & Growth

December: Bringing Balance


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