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Healthy Obsession Super Block

SUPER Block Overview

Super Trainer lead BODi Blocks recreating your favorite BOD Programs! You must have full access (BOD+BODi subscription). Super Blocks will have 3 ways to unlock...

  • Pay $29.95 to unlock each month

  • Purchase a Total Solution Pack/Completion Pack to get the current and following month of Super Blocks unlocked

  • Have a qualified HD monthly nutrition subscription (think Shakeology, Shake & Hustle, Performance Pack, etc) to unlock the Super Block for the following month


Healthy Obsession SUPER Block is Free with your BODi Membership

A fresh take on 80 Day Obsession! Get ready to sculpt your core, lift your booty and get your ultimate sweat on in just 3 weeks.

For 5 days a week, 50+ minutes per day, Autumn will take you through a different workout all inspired by 80 Day Obsession. After week 3, there will be an "UP" Week (Unconditional Progress). This is a lighter week of two workouts to ease the intensity and prepare you for what program you're tackling next.

Info Links

FAQ 8441 - Click Here

BODi Healthy Obsession Blog - Click Here

Healthy Obsession Graphics - Click Here

Workout Calendar - Click Here

Quick Reference Guide - Click Here

Video Links

Promo Videos - Click Here

Program Layout

  • Daily Schedule

    • Total Body Core

    • Booty

    • Cardio Core

    • AAA

    • Legs

  • Equipment Needed

    • Light, Medium & Heavy Dumbbells

    • Resistance Loops

    • Sliders


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