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LIIFT MORE Super Block

Whether you want to get chiseled and lean or go heavy on the muscle, this Super Block helps get you there with simple, straightforward moves that pack on as much volume as possible. Mix in high-intensity interval training 2-3 times a week and finish every workout with a core burner, and you’re all set to build a truly defined physique in just 3 weeks.


Key Dates

November 1, 2023

  • LIIFT MORE Super Block Presale Begins

December 4, 2023

  • LIIFT MORE Super Block Starts


Program Info

  • Program Length

    • About 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 3 weeks (15 workouts)

  • Equipment Needed

    • You will need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, an adjustable bench, Power Loops (optional), and a mat (optional).

  • Workout Details

    • Chest

      • LIFT/HIIT: Pump up your pushing power with some of Joel’s favorite chest exercises before working up a total-body sweat with high intensity interval training (HIIT).

      • LIFT (Burnout): Boost strength and definition throughout your upper body with this targeted chest workout. Form is everything, so give every rep your all to optimize your results and accelerate your gains.

    • Legs

      • LIFT/HIIT: It’s leg day again, but this time Joel adds HIIT to the equation to smoke your lower half and fast track your progress. Remember, if a move is too tough, you can always modify or drop your weight. You got this!

      • LIFT (Burnout): You’ve never experienced a leg day like this before. Embrace the burn in your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves as you target every muscle below your waist. A final lower body burnout will make sure that you crank your calorie furnace up to maximum.

    • Back

      • LIFT/HIIT: This workout targets your entire “posterior chain” with a combination of back-focused lifts and leg-burning HIIT. If you aren’t drenched in sweat by the time you’re done, you didn’t go hard enough.

      • LIFT (Burnout): Muscular balance is key to real world strength, and this workout delivers both by targeting the muscles you can’t see in the mirror. Lift heavy, emphasize good form, and keep up with Joel as he leads you through some of his top back exercises

    • More Legs

      • LIFT/HIIT: Put your lower body strength to the test with a routine that hits every muscle below your waist with a combo of targeted strength training and heart-pounding cardio.

      • LIFT (Burnout): MORE leg training equals MORE results! Hit your lower half for the second time in one week to optimize your muscle building and elevate your performance in everything you do.

    • Shoulders/Arms

      • LIFT/HIIT: Stretch the limits of your shirtsleeves with an arms-focused routine that will set your upper body on fire. A dose of HIIT in the second half of the workout will make sure that you burn fat from head to toe.

      • LIFT (Burnout): Ignite your upper body and amplify your strength gains with this focused shoulders and arms workout. Keep up with Joel during the final sweat-soaked burnout to rev your metabolism and dial your calorie burn to the

  • UP Week:

    • MORE Upper - LIFT (Burnout): Get even MORE results with an upper body workout that will sculpt and strengthen your arms, chest, abs, and back. It’s the ideal UP Week training session for fast tracking your goals without compromising your recovery.

    • MORE Lower - LIFT (Burnout): This lower body resistance session hits every major muscle in your legs, making it the perfect complement to MORE Upper for building and maintaining balanced strength during UP Week.

  • Bonus Express Workouts

    • LIIFT Express: Greatest HIITs Vol. 1

      • Embrace the burn as Joel shares his favorite HIIT moves in this quick, high intensity workout.

    • LIIFT Express: Greatest HIITs Vol. 2

      • Elevate your fitness in record time with a short-but-powerful routine comprised of Joel’s greatest HIITs.

    • LIIFT Express: MORE Core

      • Sculpt your abs and strengthen your entire core with an exclusive workout that targets every muscle between your hips and shoulders. Consider it the fast track to greater power, enhanced stability, and an eye-popping six pack.

  • BODi Block Accountability Group

    • BODi hosts an on-going Facebook group for both BODi Block and Super Block participants. Joel will take over as the "Guest Star" for the month of November. This group is open for all Partners and BODi Members. Click HERE to join!


Behind The Block Training: LIIFT MORE

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​LIIFT MORE Super Block Sample Workout

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LIIFT MORE Super Block FAQ 3725

Key dates, workout info, and more

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​Super Block Blog Article

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How to access the LIIFT MORE Super Block

  • Purchase the BODi Essentials Collection, any Total-Solution or Completion Pack on or after November 1, 2023

  • Sign up for a new qualifying nutrition subscription on or after November 1, 2023. BODi Membership required.

    • Qualifying Nutrition Subscriptions:

      • Shake & Hustle

      • Shakeology

      • Performance Stack

      • Go & Glow Stack (Ready, Set, Glow Stack in GB & EU)

      • First Thing (US & CA)

      • First Thing + Last Thing (US & CA)

      • 4 Week Gut Protocol Optimize & Revitalize Bundle (US)

      • 3 boxes of Beachbars

      • 3-Day Refresh Shakeology Nutrition-Solution Pack (US & CA)

      • Ultimate Reset Shakeology Nutrition-Solution Pack (US), Deluxe or Ultimate Kits (Complete, Dual & Refill) (US Only)

    • Purchase or renew any other combination of nutrition subscriptions totaling at least $99 US in one month, to receive the following month's Super Block for FREE.

    • Each month subscribers stay on their qualifying nutrition subscription, they will earn the following month's Super Block for FREE (limit one total per account).

  • Purchase the LIIFT MORE Super Block separately for $29 US. BODi Membership is required.


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