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Partner Tools & Resources

Below are a few quick tools and resources to use as a BODi Partner. For full trainings and tools, please be sure to head to The Office for complete details on:

My Dashboard > Training Tab

  • Getting Started

  • Success Club System Training

  • BODgroups Training

  • Compensation Program Training

My Dashboard > Business Tools Tab

  • Daily Activity Tracker

  • Direct Deposit Management

  • Preferred Placement

  • Forms & Documents


Set up EFT (Direct Deposit) so you get paid

EFT (or electronic funds transfer) is direct deposit of commission payouts into a Partner's account. It's the quick and preferred method for Partners to get paid. To setup EFT or make changes, log in to The Office. To set up or modify EFT, follow these steps:

  1. Go to: The Office > Business Tools > Direct Deposit (EFT) Management

  2. Use the form to set up your direct deposit information

  3. Check FAQ 1417 for more details


Product / Affiliate Links

Get customized product links to send to your customers and receive credit for resulting sales! Plug in your BODi Partner ID and click 'Submit' to generate your unique links to copy and share. You will receive commissions and/or bonuses for sales that come directly from your links. Use the search tool to find specific products.


How to use Share-A-Cart

Share-a-Cart allows you to easily create orders for customers/Preferred Customers and pre-enroll Partners. Using the tool, you can:

  • Create a cart for new customers/Preferred Customers or enrolling Coaches

  • Create a cart for existing customers/Preferred Customers and Coaches

  • Track the status of all orders/enrollment invitations.

  • Click HERE for the Share-A-Cart Site


Success Club Highlights

Success Club is an incentive for Partners to perform the activities that will develop and scale their business.

New 2023 Success Club Training video


BODi Social Media Accounts


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