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Superfood Dessert Challenge

Help your prospects Eat More Dessert by running your own Challenge Group. Even current customers can benefit from a dessert plan to help them find new and delicious ways to enjoy Shakeology.


Step-by-Step Guide

LIVE the life - eat dessert each day and share it!

  • Use the Shareable Social Assets & Recipe Images (linked below)

Recruit people to start the challenge

  • Use Info Graphics, PDFs, Darin's videos, etc (linked below)

Set up your group and have people join

  • You can run a private group, one-time or on-going

  • You can do a msg thread or a group text

  • However you feel will get the most engagement from your challengers

Have group members fill out the Superfood Dessert Challenge Quiz

Purchase Options

  • Instead of going back and forth to determine which flavor, vegan or whey, bag or packets, etc, have them fill out the Dessert Challenge Options form (linked below). They will get to choose everything they want, and it will give you everything you need to create a custom Share-A-Cart for them.



Shareable Social Assets

Click HERE

Canva Story Templates

Click HERE

Recipe Images

Click HERE

Info Graphics

Click HERE

Talking Points & Videos from Darin Olien, Co-Creator of Shakeology

Click HERE

BODi Custom Links

Be sure to add your Partner ID and hit Submit before copying the Superfood Dessert Challenge Quiz link.

Click HERE

Dessert Challenge Options Form

I have created this form to help with the Share-A-Cart process. They can choose all the options and even get set up with a Total Solution Pack, Completion Pack, or just the Shakeology.

Click HERE to copy the form!

Getting Started Guide

Click HERE

Challenge Group Guide

Click HERE

Feel Good Tracker

Click HERE


Dessert Menus

These are quick 7-recipe menus that highlight the most popular recipes, according to what time of they the challenger chose in the Dessert Quiz.


Cookies & Creamy




Dessert Cookbooks

These cookbooks contain complete recipes to be used during the Dessert Challenge. More can be found on the BODi Blog!


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