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Vanilla Chai Shakeology (Seasonal: AUG 2022)

Ready to get chai on life? Our new limited-edition flavor blends a hint of sweetness with the sweetly-spiced taste of cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom to help you take on the day from the very first sip.


  • US & Canada Launch: August 16, 2022


  • $74.95 Retail Price

  • $56.21 Coach Price



> 14 Packets Only

How does shipping work with Seasonal Shakeology?

A) If you purchase any shippable product, with the exception of apparel*, you will receive free shipping on the Seasonal Shakeology portion of your order. This will be auto-applied in checkout to applicable orders.

B) You’ll receive flat rate shipping of $6.95 in US and $9.95 in Canada for any number of Seasonal Shakeology boxes for all other orders that include Seasonal Shakeology.

*Apparel ships free with the purchase of any shippable product, including Seasonal Shakeology.


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