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Ways to stay organized and sane

Below are several programs I use on a weekly basis to help me be organized and feel sane!


I use Canva pretty much daily! This is an amazingly simple way to create beautiful graphics, PDFs, web pages, landing pages, GIFs, and MORE! I've only recently upgraded to the Pro Version, but the Free Version is what I used for 5+ years as an Assistant.


Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. This is like having an automated assistant at your fingertips! It takes the techy aspect out of the techy jobs.


This is the perfect way to see your workflow of prospects, challengers, coaches, all in one place. I would use Streak to keep track of program launches: Prospects, Orders, Challengers, PC or Coach Prospects, etc. It also has a great Mail Merge option and you can also see who has opened your emails!


Love, Love, LOVE Asana! I use it every - single - day for all of my assistant tasks, notes, ideas, upcoming launches, calendar dates, literally everything!




In my opinion, if you're going to pay for an email service - Flodesk is THE best bang for your buck! For one capped price, you get unlimited contacts, emails, landing pages, automations, and a TON of beautiful templates to choose from. And easy tools, like with one click you can resend an email to people that didn't open it the first time. Nice!

MailChimp is a great starter email service. You get to use the service for free up to 2,000 contacts. The free service has a few limitations - like no scheduled emails, and only one-step automations. But it's well worth the 'free' price to get your emails sent and professional looking.

AWeber is the next best for a paid service. It's a little less user friendly, but a lot of network marketers are starting to use it.


If you're a client of mine - you know I love me some Voxer! It's a great (free) app that you can use on your phone, laptop, tablet, all the things. It's like a walkie-talkie app where you can send voice messages back and forth, as well as photos, videos, and your location (if you're meeting a friend somewhere). It's nice to have all the messages in one place instead of going to Facebook Messenger, phone text messages, emails, etc.

Google Workspace

  • 15 GB of Free Storage!

  • Google Forms: The perfect way to gather info (unlimited responses, unlimited questions, multi-page forms and more)

  • Google Calendar: Great way to schedule out all the things! You can make different calendars for so many different things! You can look at one calendar at a time, or overlap them all - you pick and choose. You can even share a calendar with other people - like your team or challengers!

  • Docs & Sheets: Jot down some notes or create a tracking sheet


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