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XB Sweat + Sculpt


  • Sep 12, 2022: Sample Workout

  • Sep 12, 2022: Product Toolkit Available

  • Sep 19 - 23, 2022: Champions Page Training Week 1 (Introduction Week)

  • Sep 26 - 30, 2022: Champions Page Training Week 2 (Information Week)

  • Oct 3-7, 2022: Champions Page Takeover

  • Oct 4, 2022: VIP Early Access (for ALL: Coaches, Preferred Customers & Customers)

  • Submit before Dec 31, 2022: XB Sweat + Sculpt Beachbody Challenge Promotion

  • March 2, 2023: BOD Library Access


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Program Stats

  • Program length: 3 Weeks

  • Workouts per week: 5

  • Workout length: 30 Minutes

  • Equipment needed:

    • Required: 1-3 lb. ankle weights, Resistance Loops

  • Audio: English, Spanish and French dubbing


Program Details

Welcome to XB Sweat + Sculpt by Beachbody’s newest Super Trainer, Andrea Rogers! Andrea is a big believer that effective workouts can — and should be — fun. That’s why she created XB Sweat + Sculpt, a 3-week, 5 day a week program that includes 15 real-time workouts that are the perfect combination of easy-to-follow dance cardio and targeted strength training. Andrea’s upbeat, mood-boosting playlists will get you moving, having a good time, and seeing the results you want. No fancy equipment (or rhythm) required.

To give you just the right balance of cardio and strength training, Andrea alternates between Sweat workouts and Sculpt workouts. First, there are Andrea's exhilarating Sweat workouts. Think low-impact HIIT, but with Andrea's unique twist. These workouts alternate between dance-cardio intervals, packed with fun and simple steps that get your heart rate up and keep you moving constantly - and sculpting intervals which focus on slower, more controlled, muscle-defining exercises.

Next, Andrea balances out that cardio with her Sculpt workouts - where you focus on upper, lower, or total-body, challenging you with moves that zero-in on specific muscle groups and strengthen and tone from head to toe. You'll finish each Sculpt session for a 5-10 minute core circuit.

By the end of each workout, you’ll finish feeling strong, confident, and energized! The endorphins (and results) will follow. You’ll wonder why fitness ever got more complicated than this!

Mark your calendars for October 2022. XB Sweat + Sculpt is the perfect way to get back into your fitness routine come fall!

Who is Andrea Rogers?

Andrea Rogers is a Pilates instructor, former professional dancer, and mother of two based in Dallas, Texas.

A powerhouse of positivity and a master motivator, she created Xtend Barre to combine her two passions — movement and teaching. What began as a single fitness studio in Florida has since expanded to digital fitness programs and over 40 studios worldwide, all packed with students seeking effective, mood-boosting sculpting workouts that leave them feeling lean, strong, and confident!

In addition to her international barre brand, Andrea specializes in private personal training for select celebrity clientele, including Diane Kruger, Abigail Breslin, Nicole Scherzinger, and more.

Want to learn more about our newest Super Trainer? Check out this 19 Things article to read more about Andrea!


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