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Product Launch Package

2-4 Weeks of Marketing PLUS purchase follow ups and email series to make sure your clients are well informed and loving their products.


Are you ready to take the stress out of launching a program?

No more wondering what to do.

Have a well laid out plan work for you.  2-4 weeks of marketing to get the word out. Email series for those that purchase so they are well informed and understand the value & quality behind the product to ensure they will continue to purchase. And follow ups for those that are on the fence.  Using the MompreneurVA Launch Content Bundle, I can help you make the most out of this Product Launch!

My goal is to allow you to BE YOU and I'll handle the rest!

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2-4 weeks of content to help launch new product

Each week planned out to maximize your reach

Emails geared towards specific clients to maximize interest

Newsletters to keep your contacts informed

Posts in your Groups promoting new product

VIP List Email Series

VIP List Landing Page to gather prospect info

Newsletters to keep prospects informed

Freebie for those that purchase in specific time period

Email Series for those that purchase to share quality and value behind the product

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Follow Ups

Never let anyone fall through the cracks again

Always know where someone is in your pipeline

Follow Ups for...

Prospects that haven't purchased yet

Coach or PC prospects

Clients that have purchased something similar

Work Desk

Let's Do This

Rock  Your Product Launch! 

  • Product Launch

    Valid for one month

The BODi Virtual Assistant

Ready To Rock
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