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Rock Your Email

This is more than just copy & paste. It's time to give your contacts the value they're looking for!

Are you ready to take your newsletters to the next level?

No more wondering what to send.

Speak directly to your contacts with your own voice.  Each week they will receive a value filled newsletter from their supportive coach, all while keeping them informed of your upcoming challenge groups, and the latest programs & products available.  Plus they will receive a free PDF filled with useful information, like recipes, shopping ideas, books to read, etc. Using the MompreneurVA Email content, I can help you give your contacts the value they've been looking for.

My goal is to allow you to BE YOU and I'll handle the rest!

Copying Down

Normal Tasks

Create & Schedule weekly newsletters

Update contacts from your Coach Office

Pretty Cool

Create landing page for freebies

Create auto email to follow up with prospects

Romantic Gift
Work Desk

Above & Beyond

Customize content sections to suit your business plans

Customize newsletter header to change monthly with theme

Create monthly Coach Newsletter for your team

Let's Do This

  • Rock Your Email

    Every month

You must purchase each plan separately.

The BODi Virtual Assistant

RYE Ready
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